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Consumer Law

Maybe bankruptcy is not the correct choice for you.  If there is a creditor who is abusing you, there are laws to protect you.  These laws include, but are not limited to 15 USC 1692, the FDCPA; or Fla. Statue 559.72 the FCCPA.  There are certain things that creditors cannot do to you.  But we will need to have a confidential discussion about your situation. 


Sometimes you will need a chapter 7, and sometimes you will needs a chapter 13.  You don't always get to pick.   We will have to discuss you, your income, and your economic situation do determine if one of the bankruptcy chapters is right for you. 

Criminal Law

Sometimes we don't always make the best choices, however, you deserve to be treated fairly.  Other times you may be innocent.   We will need to have a confidential discussion about your situation.

Family Law

There are a lot of people, who thought they had found the right person, but that person has changed.  It is also important to ensure the wellbeing of the children involved.